Wooden houses

Why is a wooden house the perfect home?

We know that are not discussed and that everyone has his/her own vision regarding the place he/she calls “home”. This article aims to describe the advantages of a wooden house and to raise your interest for such buildings.

Firstly, a wooden house uses a completely natural material and mingles perfectly with the environment, meaning that it has ecologic and healthy properties. Masonry houses are colder and more rigid when compared to wood, mostly when we refer to its incredible insulating properties.

Nowadays, wooden constructions combine the advantages of using a natural resource with the high efficiency of modern materials. A wooden house can benefit of a great design, it can be durable and can have an accessible price, also taking into account its fireproofing level. Despite some people’s scepticism, wood can develop extremely high resistance to fire due to modern construction techniques and employed technologies.

Of course, construction time is critical to anyone. Often it may be more important than the price because time is money, right? Going for a wooden construction is time saving... but how? Construction time is up to a third employed than regular time dedicated to the erection of a masonry house. Still, this does not exclusively depend on us, but also on the beneficiaries. Last but not least, we care about efficiency. A wooden building produced by Rustic gives you the opportunity to live or work in a spectacular and extraordinary environment that helps you save time, energy and materials.

Wood is also employed for innovating design. It is more flexible than other raw materials and can easily embrace various forms, follow a diversity of lines and turn into symbols. Wood offers outstanding well-being and a special feeling of blending with nature, bringing together comfort, innovation and tradition. Wood has a life of its own, it is a living material and an excellent protection, the wooden home being always considered to have distinctive character and warmth. Moreover, a wooden house has a very low carbon imprint. Despite being one of the oldest construction materials, wood may be extremely modern and is used freely in contemporary and futuristic design, be it Oriental, Western, Scandinavian or other.

At the moment, the popularity of wooden houses is in continuous growth, especially on the international market, because it is the statement of a healthier way of life, it is energetically efficient, its construction time is shorter and often its price is more accessible when compared to other types of buildings. The durability and flexibility of wood makes it hard or almost impossible for other materials to compete with it or replace it.

A critical aspect is also the earthquake endurance of wooden houses, property that brings them more than ever to the attention of people throughout the world.

A wooden house is a friendly environment, not only towards, but towards your family, friends and guests that will find its doors open. Wood is self-ventilated, it breathes, thus balancing the internal area. One can rarely come across an unventilated wooden house. Air is purified and hydrated when it passes through wood also because of its good insulating properties, while it maintains a comfortable temperature.

Some researchers think that wood may positively influence our life environment and mood, given its warm texture and colour. It is said that wood has a calming effect on the nervous system and is an adequate environment for kids and for people with various allergies. 

All these turn the wooden house into the perfect living environment and a friendly milieu for relaxation for both family and friends.

The welcoming feeling of a wooden home will be deeper and more authentic, this we can guarantee!