Joinery and layered wood furniture

"Elegant, natural, functional, layered wood windows and doors with double glazed glass produced by us are efficient, good insulators and very durable. Rustic quality guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

Our specialized joinery department produces a wide variety of layered wood doors, windows and furniture. Even in the case of masonry buildings, layered wood joinery grants special elegance to the structure. This modern building solution absorbs all peculiarities of the wood, eliminating its faults as far as sound and thermal insulation are concerned and also the issue of usage durability.

We use both hardwood and fir tree wood to produce the profiles part of windows and door frames. We currently produce cellular doors adapted to separate the internal spaces of building units while for outdoor mounted doors we employ massive wood joinery.

Why choose layered wood joinery produced by Rustic?

It is durable. The profiles employed to produce the joinery requires overlapping more wood layers joined together with special glues, cold or hot pressed in specialized machines and treated with various types of lacquers and varnish. We thus obtain a wooden structure that is resistant to mechanical actions that does not bulge under the influence of humidity and that does not decay under the action of sun rays and wind.

Provides the room with all necessary comfort. The mounting of a double glazed glass window with layered wood structure implies obtaining a high coefficient of thermal and sound insulation, both extremely necessary in any dwelling or office.

It is elegant. Wooden joinery grants a special feeling to the entire building.