Restoration of old buildings and historic monuments

"Time is the enemy of any wood, rock or masonry made construction. We have the techniques and the skills to bring to life old buildings and historic monuments through restoration. Rustic quality guaranteed!" Cornel Cusner

The wind, the rain, the sun leave deep scars in the facades and the structures of wood, masonry or rock made buildings and the carelessness of people accelerates the process of decay. Time is therefore the worst enemy of buildings.

Rustic Construct Baia Mare is involved in the restoration of those buildings that should also exist for the next generations. We use traditional techniques of wood and stone processing in order to recover the architectural monuments of bygone times. We have the support of traditional craftsmen and together we can manage to revalue historic monuments, memorial houses, wooden and stone built churches, towers and fortress walls, old houses with outstanding architecture, wooden furniture items.

Landmarks in our old buildings and monuments’ restoration activity

Restoration of the Butchers’ Tower, part of the old citadel of Baia Mare. The last standing tower of the old citadel of Baia Mare was brought to life and inserted into the circuit of major local tourist attractions through the care of authorities, of an international group of sponsors and of our specialists. The Butchers’ Tower is now an exhibition, a cultural and hand-made art centre and at the same time a work we take pride in.

Restoration of the crosses in the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta. An extremely complex work aimed at the preservation of one of the most significant tourist attractions of the Maramures area, already in an advanced state of decay. The works involved the unmounting of 52 crosses of the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta, their transportation to our workshops in Baia Mare, the replacement of worm hole affected wood or the rotten parts, remaking the original sculpture with its traditional motifs from Maramures and their paintings abiding by the style of the artisan Stan Ioan Patras, the creator of the Merry Cemetery.

Restoration of Stephen’s Tower in Baia Mare. The most famous historic landmark of the city of Baia Mare, Stephen’s Tower is the undisputable effigy left from the old citadel of Baia Mare. It was built in the 15th century and has a height of more than 40 metres. The last restoration works of the tower were made during the 1980’s and since then its facades, its roof, its slabs and its internal wooden stairs got increasingly damaged. Our company has managed to rebuild all worn-out granting the tower a new look for the new millennium.

Restoration of the stone made church in Tautii de Sus. Built in the 15th century in gothic style, the Catholic church of Tautii de Sus, Maramures county, was partially restored in the 18th century, its central hall being modified on the inside with Baroque decorations. It suffered structural damages in time and these culminated with a fire that has massively destroyed the roof after having been struck by thunder in the year 2000. Also, due to the uneven compaction of its foundation and heavy water infiltrations the walls had cracks that affected seriously the stability of the building. Our company had the task to consolidate the foundations through underbuilding works, to consolidate the link between walls and foundation and subsequently to repair the cracks in the walls employing stone work traditional methods. Eventually, the entire roof has been rebuilt and also the stone fence of the church. Now, the believers may again attend mass in this beautiful place of worship.

Restoration of the Bay and Schreiber houses in the historic centre of Baia Mare. A massive work that involved the restoration of 2 houses dating back to the 16th century, located in the old centre of the city. Made of stone and wood, the 2 buildings have been completely transformed from ruins into modern office locations as part of the Millennium centre.

Restoration of Maramures traditional wooden churches. Many of them included in the national patrimony, most of these churches date back to the 16th and the 17th centuries and were subject for the first time to procedures of restoration and consolidation. The structure underwent repair works, the replacement of the roof cover with traditionally crafted shingle as well as foundation reinforcement. We remind the churches in Sacalaseni, Coas, Buzesti, Costeni, Vima Mica, Lapusul Romanesc, Razoare, Culcea, Glod, Valenii Somcutei, Arduzel, Bicaz, Calinesti, Bogdan Voda, Rus, Draghia and others where we had the chance to test our work capacities and thus contribute to their preservation for the next tens or hundreds of years.

Cultural institutions restoration works. Be it a museum, a citadel or a memorial house, we have the required expertise to restore, to consolidate and to bring them back to the tourist circuit. The Tudor Arghezi memorial house, the Teleky castles in Pribilesti and Satulung, the Regional Museum of Maramures, the Art and History Museums of Maramures as well as other have benefited of our company’s specialized works and are now functional. Our works were not only aimed at consolidating the structural frame but also at internal refining, facade rebuilding and replacement of the old joinery with a new one made of layered wood.